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Having a carpet installed in your home is no longer considered the traditional option. With a variety of carpets available, our carpet fitters can not only advise you on the right type of carpet but UK Floor Coverings can supply you with the ideal carpet as well as a full carpet fitting service by our experienced carpet fitters. We are based in between Bicester and Buckingham but operate in the Banbury, Oxford, Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

Our carpet fitters can provide a full fitting service for various types of carpeting including:

Wool And Luxury Carpets

If you are looking for a particularly hard wearing and durable carpet, wool twist carpets are ideal. Because it is a cut pile made from very tightly twisted fibres, this carpet type is particularly long lasting and resilient. This also means that the finished product has a slightly textured look and feel to its surface. Therefore, not only is wool twist a very practical choice of carpet type, but it also has a level of warmth and comfort, meaning it is ideal for fitting throughout your home, in halls, on the stairs or the landing. You can be safe in the knowledge that because of its durability, it will last for years to come. In addition, twist pile is a great option, as due to its finish, foot marks are less likely to show up, and the carpet does not fluff easily, meaning it always looks great, especially if you have pets or children….

Value Carpets

Carpets are a good value option for your floor covering. They are warm and comfortable and actually provide good thermal resistance. Overall they give any room a warm feel as well as being a soft place to sit and play. Carpets come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns and can be matched to almost any setting or decorating style. They are available at a range of prices, from value carpets to luxury choices. They cushion footsteps, reducing the possibility of slipping and providing a cushion should a fall happen. Modern homes are very noisy places and carpets can help absorb the sounds. Provided they are maintained and cleaned correctly they are very hard wearing and will last a long time. Although carpets are often associated with health problems this is not the case. Carpets actually trap particles that would normally circulate in the air. As long as the carpet is regularly vacuumed it should not be a problem.


Stain Resistance

Stain Resistant Carpet finishes, UK Floor Covering’s latest in a long line of excellent flooring products is an ideal floor covering for almost all situations, especially in the kitchen. Having stain resistant finishes installed, via one of our courteous and highly trained technicians, will not only add decorative value to the room but enable you to save time and money with regards to cleaning. Installing a stain resistant finishes can be done quickly and efficiently and within budget. The carpets incredible composite material allows for quick and speedy cleaning with almost all cleaning utensils such as broom and mop, ensuring your family are safe from bacteria and viruses that tend to propagate on kitchen, utility room, and bathroom floors as well as reducing odours. With the low cost and low maintenance required for this style of flooring, you’ll find Stain Resistant Carpet finishes will last you a considerable amount of time making it excellent value for money.