The ‘right’ flooring for your office is dependent on a number of factors including: your overall goals, your budget and the function of the space. Different areas of your office usually require different flooring solutions so you need to think about how to split your budget accordingly to get the best effect throughout your entire office space.

1. Know Your Goals

Flooring isn’t ‘one size fits all’. When choosing flooring for your lobby you might be looking to stun, but you might need something a touch more practical for your office. Think about the amount of foot traffic your flooring will have to endure, the processes of the people who will be using it and the amount of mess that is likely to amount on it, for example in a noisy office carpets are proven to decrease sound. Advances in flooring technology mean you now have more choice than ever in terms of materials you can use so knowing what you want to achieve in advance means you’re not overwhelmed and can narrow down your selections instantly when the time comes.

2. Plan Your Budget

If your main aim is to create something beautiful, natural materials like solid woods and stone tiles are always stunning and impressive, but they come at a price. If you can afford to splurge there’s nothing like the real thing but advancements in vinyl tiles mean you can achieve the same effects at a fraction of the price, they look like the real thing and come with a host of other benefits including ease of laying and durability. When selecting flooring for your office space you don’t want to take the cheapest option, it might seem like you’re saving money but you may find yourself shelling out again a couple of years down the line, it’s always worth spending a bit more for quality.

3. Understand the Maintenance

Choose flooring that is within the means of your maintenance staff to maintain. If you’re choosing flooring that requires hefty cleaning with expensive products your janitorial staff might not have the time to undertake it.
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