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Wool And Luxury Carpets

Wool Twist

If you are looking for a particularly hard wearing and durable carpet, wool twist carpets are ideal. Because it is a cut pile made from very tightly twisted fibres, this carpet type is particularly long lasting and resilient. This also means that the finished product has a slightly textured look and feel to its surface. Therefore, not only is wool twist a very practical choice of carpet type, but it also has a level of warmth and comfort, meaning it is ideal for fitting throughout your home, in halls, on the stairs or the landing. You can be safe in the knowledge that because of its durability, it will last for years to come. In addition, twist pile is a great option, as due to its finish, foot marks are less likely to show up, and the carpet does not fluff easily, meaning it always looks great, especially if you have pets or children.

Let UK Floor Coverings Carpet Your Life.

Consult UK Floor Coverings for all of your carpet needs. Whether you are re-decorating or starting afresh in a newly built home, UK floor coverings can supply top-quality, high grade wool twist carpets for every room in your house. Wool is a natural fibre, from lamb and sheep fleeces. It has organic lustre, always looks luxurious, is resistant to stains, has low flammability and is very easy to clean.

Wool Texture

Wool texture carpets can add depth and warmth to a room; they are naturally soft with a comfortable underfoot. These carpets are renowned for being durable, and which work as great insulators. They also have the ability to absorb ambient sounds and noises, making a home more peaceful and tranquil.

Wool texture carpets are naturally resistant to stains because of the presence of natural wax, which coats individual fibres. This means you will not be spending your time worrying about stains or soil penetrating into the carpet. The dirt and debris will be present on or near the surface of the carpet and vacuum cleaning will remove all traces.

We, at UK Floor Coverings, have more than 18 years of experience in the world of flooring. We can offer a wide selection of wool textured carpets in a variety of colours and patterns. We can also offer fitting services. As far as the world of wool texture carpets is concerned, we have carved a niche of sorts for ourselves. We are renowned for our high-quality carpets, professional fitting services and exceptional customer service.

If you are looking for affordable and quality wool texture carpet for your home, contact us today on 01869 278 409.